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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Intensive Youth Eye Gel by Radha Beauty

Intensive Youth Eye Gel by Radha Beauty is a really GREAT product!  I am skeptical most of the time about face products and eye gels in particular as far as how they work, and the high price that they generally cost.  

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Well, I tried this Radha Beauty Intensive Youth Eye Gel and I immediately LOVED the texture of it.  I liked it so much that I had my daughter to try it as well.  It works on dark circles, puffiness, eye bags and fine wrinkles. I'm also glad that it doesn't have a strong smell or a medicinal type of smell that so many face products seem to have.  That alone will make me not continue to use something.  It seemed to plump up my skin and most definitely moisturized it as well.  I use it twice a day, once in the morning and right before bed time.  

I also LOVE the money back guarantee that they offer! I don't want anything back, and I am a new devoted customer!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Paula's Choice Skincare FREE

Paula's Choice Skincare, a great beauty product - I got it free for product review from BzzAgent! I was surprised at the number of items that I got to try.  Well, try it I did, and so did 9 other friends of mine.  We were all very pleasantly surprised at the appearing high quality of this product, the lack of harsh or strong smell, and the absolute smooth way that it went on our skin!  I use it twice a day, once in the morning, then early afternoon when it's so hot, I've sweated so much moisture out of me and I apply it again while moisturizing from the inside too with a glass of water. 

My freebies have been long gone, so I purchased more with the coupons provided AND I caught it on sale too, so that was GREAT! The product really works well and has made my skin feel much smoother, softer and any tiny lines are just not visible anymore. 

In addition, my face is just totally moisturized and stays that way all day with two daily uses.  It holds the moisture in to pump up wrinkles so they are not noticeable and leaves my face glowing.  

Paula's Choice Skincare formula is suitable for all skin types, it's also 100% fragrance- and colorant-free, and has no added dyes or irritants, and of course never tested on animals!

Oh!!  I also got several (still have some) 20% off coupons AND FREE SHIPPING and  got points on my MyPoints account as well!!  The better your participation, the more Points you get!!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Cure Click - Importance of Treating High Cholesterol and Finding Candidates

As I mentioned in a previous post on my blog, this is a site that I am recently interested in as a "Cure Click Ambassador", and in promoting their trial for people with high cholesterol and risk factors for heart disease.  Cholesterol is a GOOD thing when at proper levels, as it helps produce hormones, build new cells and insulate nerves. It is important to treat your HIGH cholesterol as it can lead to heart disease.  As cited on Webmd,  TOO MUCH cholesterol causes build up in your artery walls and can cause atherosclerosis which is a form of heart disease.  If your blood supply becomes cut off because of this massive build up, you may suffer a heart attack.  There is "good" and "bad" cholesterol, (just like good and bad people ... who do you choose to have in YOUR life??), so you need to have your cholesterol levels checked to determine these levels.  There is nothing sophisticated to it.  A lipoprotein profile, or blood test can take care of it. "The National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) recommends that adults aged 20 years or older have their cholesterol checked every 5 years."

A few of the factors that can help lower your cholesterol is to stay at an optimum weight, don't smoke or STOP smoking, eat a low-fat diet and getting your recommended amount of daily/weekly exercise.

In addition, it is extremely important to find candidates to participate in clinical trials so that we may discover and share knowledge about high cholesterol, the importance of reducing high cholesterol and furthering the knowledge of how it impacts our health and our longevity, and overall quality of life.  It is imperative that candidates are found to participate in clinical trials, as there is a huge lack of awareness about clinical trials and quite often, "The biggest barrier in recruitment  is the lack of encouragement or support from the attending physician", according to "Forbes Business. Many physicians simply are unaware of clinical trials that might benefit their patient.  And, "Many patients also don’t understand that, if there is a standard treatment available, they will not get a placebo".

As a result of these, and other factors, many times the minimum amount of participants can not even be reached and clinical trials fail at a huge cost.

cureclick, high cholesterol, clinical trial
Be a CureClick Ambassador

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cure Click - High Cholesterol and Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Ok, this is a little different than my usual product review! This is a site that I have become familiar with and find very relevant to my life. I am a Cure Click Trial Ambassador and to find out more about how YOU can become a Cure Click Trial Ambassador too, just click here.  I am participating right now in a pilot program for people with High Cholesterol and Risk Factors for Heart Disease. This is pretty personal to me for a couple of reasons, at least.  My father died of heart disease which runs in my family and high cholesterol is prevalent in our family as well.  We can ALL make a difference if we just get involved in our lives and our health.

PLEASE get involved in your life and at least CLICK to find out more, and help ME out as I participate in this pilot program as well by CLICKING for a cure!

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Friday, February 20, 2015

BFF Girls Night and Crowdtap


Ok, I'm supposed to write a blog post about me and my BFF because I'm trying to win a Girl's Night Prize Pack!  I have two BFF's, my daughter April and my girlfriend Jewel.  I'm going to pick my daughter just because we have pics together, and I don't know if I even have ONE with my other BFF Jewel!  That's terrible! It can be funny, sweet, sad or whatever. And this is what we win:

  • Grand Prize - Girls' Night Prize Pack (1)
  • (1) Gourmet popcorn pack (1) Cute popcorn bucket (1) Bridesmaids DVD (1) Hardcover copy of "Yes Please!" by Amy Poehler (1) bag Hershey's Chocolate

I'll pick this one ...

It started out when she was probably only 15 or 16.  I was on the computer working or playing games, or just something, and she was talking to me about random stuff. Truthfully, I was only half way listening to what she was saying, probably going, Umm hmmm, yeah, ahhh, and so forth.  You know us parents sometimes do, right? Well, she started talking about this boy named Josh that she and her friends hung out with on occasion, just nonchalantly, like it was no big deal.  I hadn't heard much about him really.  She told me that he was leaving for Tennessee soon and it was good because they were better off as friends because they would probably just cheat on each other or some nonsense ... kind of crazy things.   There goes another of one of my haha's thrown in there so she would think I was really listening.  Anyhow, I heard her voice kind of catch and a kind of "wounded" sound in her voice as she continued to talk about this boy Josh that she wasn't going to miss at all, and it immediately caught my attention and I almost froze.  Instead, I turned around and said, "Oh my God, you love him, don't you, don't you?!".  She said something like, oh no mom, we're just friends and we're better off as friends.  I kept looking at her and I KNEW that it was more than that! And it's funny because I remember thinking at that moment, she is going to MARRY this boy!!  I don't know how I knew, but I just knew, just like I did when my son asked me to babysit for his young girlfriend who had a four month old baby.  

Anyhow, she started crying, and we talked, and we said that maybe he wouldn't leave, or she could go see him or something.  It was such an emotional moment for both of us; little does she probably realize that it was for me as well.  I felt so bad for her and my full attention was on what she was saying.  I could just feel how much she was hurting and how much she was going to miss him if he left.  It had been a long time since I had seen her in that much pain, and none of that type.

Well, as it turned out, "Josh" never moved back out of state, he stayed around and they started dating and they are married today with three children of their own!

Thanks Crowdtap for this opportunity to win just ONE MORE thing from your website and try out something fun and new!  My daughter and I work hard on Crowdtap to earn some extra things and to help promote all the new products that you put on your site!

Thursday, February 12, 2015


First of all, while I was waiting on my cool new FREE Razor and Shave Gel from Gillette to show up, I was wondering how well it would work, would it feel good in my hand as I shaved, would the shave gel smell good or would it be one of those semi sickly kind of smells that shave gels seem to have.  I waited with anticipation for THE DAY to arrive!  Drum roll ... I heard the Postman drive up and I anxiously went outside to meet him.  I nearly snatched my Bzzagent box from him and half ran in the door to open it up.  I did my video unboxing and out came my products!  I immediately went to the bathroom to begin THE SHAVING!  But first, I had to stop and marvel at the design of the razor!  Wow! Wow! It LOOKED like a razor that someone with money must use, because it was kind of sleek, the blade bent back to accommodate the curve and shape of my face and legs, and it actually ROTATED side to side!!   I guess I wasn't expecting that. AND the blades were sharp, almost so sharp that I about nicked my thumb before getting started. I thought I had broken it when I pressed down and the blade POPPED off, but it hadn't.

I got a little gel on my hand, and much to much pleasant surprise, the gel smelled GREAT!  I had received the Ocean Breeze Shave Gel.  It has a good feel to it and lathered up NICELY!  It wasn't irritating to the skin, which is the experience I have had with some shave creams.

I began to shave my legs and the blade just glided over my legs with the combination of the very excellent shave gel and very excellent razor!  Needless to say, but I will, I was totally impressed by both of these products and I felt like I had just entered into "the shaving experience" of my lifetime. Then, to top it all off, I saw that there was a $5 off coupon in the package that I could towards purchasing another one.  And believe me, I WILL.


I recommend this product to ALL, men and women alike, as your one and only new razor and shave gel!

Adventures of Brooklet & the Magical Monkey Pants


              Get your ADVENTURES of Brooklet & the MAGICAL MONKEY PANTS FREE!!  
                                    To the first 5 people who email me here gets a free book!

This was a cute little ebook about a little girl named Brooklet. She loves her little monkey pants and does NOT want to go to bed! She doesn't listen to her mom. A big jay bird, out of the blue, comes along and she ends up in a huge adventure that seemed so magical and fun with creatures and birds! It seems fun at first, but then she misses her home  and her family and she wants to go back. It is a super cute little story that has you thinking about listening to your family, and it makes you realize the value of your family and of obeying your parents!

                                I recommend it to all as good family reading!

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